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Just Crop it Off!

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Linen-blend Cropped Pants

Linen-blend Cropped Pants

To those of you wondering if cropped pants are still in fashion, yes they are! Capri pants been in fashion for many years now and still continue to rock. One of the many reasons for their popularity is the comfort factor and that they can be worn by anyone, under any age group, no exceptions!

Capri pants or cropped pants are also one of the biggest style inspirations for many and can be worn in a number of ways. But you need to be careful when selecting a pair of capris. Despite being one of the most comfortable and easy-to-style pieces, capris can go horribly wrong if don’t select them properly.

The never-fail safe-plan for buying capris is to opt for a pair that offers a fitting and tapered silhouette. Being cropped in nature, capris tend to make you look a bit plump; so it is very important that you choose something with a tapered finish and offers a slim fit! But if you do want a pair that offers a loose fit, opt for wide leg openings and pair them with high heel shoes. Alternately, you can also choose capri pants that have cuffs at the end; this will create an interesting dimension to your look! For those with an edge for adventure, you can opt for capri pants that have multiple pockets like cargo pants!

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April 20th, 2015

How to Rock Wide-Leg Pants!

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Linen-blend Pull-on Pants

Linen-blend Pull-on Pants

While it’s okay to not want to let go of your skinny pants, a pair of wide-leg pants bring in a whole lot of drama to the look. And, considering its spring season, you have all the more excuse to try out something entirely new! Why not try the wide-leg pants? If you’re still skeptical about trying out this trend, here are a few really good reasons along with some styling tips that might just convince you to grab one right away…

It is a common notion associated with wide-leg pants that they make you look smaller and shorter. While it’s understandable that they do come with a ton of fabric and lot of layers that can look anything but flattering; a pair of wide-leg pants can actually make you look tall. You just have to follow this one simple tip: Pick a pair with a high-waist and team it with a short top, something like a peplum or an eyelet lace top that can add dimension to your look. Pairing a your wide-leg high-waist pants with short peplum tops create the illusion of a skinny waist and a shorter torso and elongates your height.

It’s also commonly believed that wide-leg pants are highly unsuitable for petite women, but this is not entirely true. You can still play with your options; what you really need is a pair of wide-leg pants cropped to ankles! This way, you can wear a pair of killer heels and show off the top of your ankles to create an elongated effect! Be sure to pair this look with a statement-making top like lace sweaters or polka dot shirts.

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April 19th, 2015

Nautically Striped!

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Notch-neck Jersey Top

Notch-neck Jersey Top

If there’s one trend other than Khaki that’s making a huge splash in the fashion scene of Spring-Summer 2015, it would have to be the nautical stripes. One of the timeless and classic pieces churned out by the fashion mill, nautical stripes have managed to stand the test of time and are still fashionable, decades after it was first introduced. Stripes have a unique history about them that makes them extremely versatile! Stripes can be styled any way you want and they would still bring in that magical charm that can take you look from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ in a matter of minutes! Here are a few styles that you must try with stripes…

  • Stripes have this uncanny ability to work with any color. Even bold and bright colors like tangerine, hot pink and the brightest of wine reds can work with this trend and still look presentable.
  • Striped pieces can be used as nullifying accessories that can tone down or tune up any color or a particular accessory.
  • With a nautical striped tee shirt in your kitty, you can rest assured knowing that there are virtually a million ways you can style it! So style is never in short supply with a simple ‘ol striped tee!
  • Striped tees works great even with rugged and uber-sexy pieces like denim and leather; you can even wear them denim mock-offs, the chambray!
  • Another major plus point about stripes are that you can mix and match them with other prints and watch the magic unfold.

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April 15th, 2015

Make Way for Prints!

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Jersey Tank Dress

Jersey Tank Dress

The beginning of a new season always calls for a major closet panic – but, ladies, this year you have nothing to worry! ‘Cos here we give you the top 3 major spring time duds for the season that are all you need to make the most of Spring and Summer. And, these tips are sourced straight from the runways and the ramps, so you absolutely nothing to worry about!

Since spring is all about crazy prints, here are just three of the top most spring trends that are sure to make you popular, fashion-wise!

Go with small floral prints! Tiny floral prints or microflorals are the best way to make sure that you stay on the edge but also enjoy your days to the T. Microflorals give you the complete freedom to play with colors and textures and also ensure that you have to tackle the issue of accessorizing outfits with huge floral prints. Even if you’re not ready to take on a full floral dress, you can start cute with a microfloral printed skirt and a buttoned-up boyfriend shirt in plain colors.

When it comes to going bold, nothing gets bolder than stripes! Bold horizontal and vertical stripes spanning the body will give you polished look provided you choose bold stripes in gorgeous colors. Instead of going with the tried and tested trends with stripes, make some rules and then break some, with alternate stripes or mix and match stripes to create obvious illusions. Remember, with stripes, there’s just no end to the possibilities to mix and match!

Art prints! Another popular hit of the year is art prints! For all those sporting a big question mark regarding what an art print is, you can go with a crazy mis-match print or start with snazzy brushstroke prints! Art print is anything that does not confine to the regular norms of prints!

So, what are waiting for? Get shopping and go crazy with the hot trends of the season!

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April 13th, 2015

Beach Styles for the Weekend!

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Jersey Side-slit Maxi Skirt

Jersey Side-slit Maxi Skirt

It’s not yet officially Summer, so don’t pull out those bikinis and swim cover-ups for the beach, not just yet! But hey! Beach can still be fun! We have some beach styles for you to try out during your weekend trip! Check these out…

The classy and stylish look: Style up your rugged and faded denim shorts with a simple v-neck tee, but if you’re lucky and live in the Southern hemisphere, you can go with a white tank top; accessorize this look with a multiple neckpieces and a simple set of studs – and lo! there’s your classy but stylish beach look!

Style academy: For those who can’t resist the urge to flaunt your style, go with a trendy jersey dress; opt for prints (big or large prints doesn’t matter) but make sure your dress has a lot of them. Style this dress with a long chain, sunglasses and a cool handbag!

Nautical stripes: Yes, it’s highly inappropriate to talk about beach looks and ignore the very style that gave birth to the many beach looks that we know and love today. Nautical stripes, in all colors and styles, are made for the beach! So, don’t shy away from flaunting one, this season! Either go with a tee shirt jersey dress with nautical stripes or opt for a billowing maxi skirt with a lot of nautical stripes and team it with a plain top!

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Have fun shopping!

April 12th, 2015

Fashion for your Little One!

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Flower-strap Sandals for Baby

Flower-strap Sandals for Baby

Your little one is the absolute joy of your life, so you wouldn’t you want just the best of clothes and accessories for her? She may be small, but having the right set of clothes and accessories is the best bet for your little one to flaunt her cool attitude…

While kids’ fashion is not much different form adults’ fashion, it would be wise to invest in a whole lot of pink outfits for your little one. Since girls invariably have a preference for pink other colors, pink would be the ideal choice while shopping for your little girl. Since the fashion scene of this season is dominated by prints, you could also get the same for your little one. And, if you love to mimic some star styles, you can take inspiration from star kids and dress up your little baby like celeb babies.

And, while you’re out there shopping for baby clothes, why not get a few accessories for her as well that would let her flaunt her flawless style with grace? A couple of summer accessories like sunglasses, a pair of cool flip-flops and a cool fedora will be a great way for you to kickstart her summer in style.

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April 10th, 2015

Like Father, Like Sons!

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Color-block V-neck Pocket Tees for Baby

Color-block V-neck Pocket Tees for Baby

Whether it’s on the field or off it, former soccer star David Beckham needs no introduction. The handsome husband of spice girl Victoria Beckham certainly knows a thing or two about fashion that gets him noticed anywhere he goes. And, from the looks of it, it seems like his sons too have inherited the fashion genes! The star kids were recently seen at the 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards held at the Forum on March 28, 2015, in Inglewood, California, looking all dapper and stylish, just like their father!

Teenager Brooklyn Beckham, who is already a model, showed up for the event dressed in a pair of leather skinny pants, a white tee shirt and a military-inspired khaki worker shirt. He showed off his styling sense as he paired this ensemble with a long gold chain and a triangular pendant. The youngster finished off his looks with a pair of gray sneakers.

Younger siblings, Romeo and Cruz wore matching black skinny pants with metallic chain accents. While Romeo opted for a striking blue casual shirt with roll-up sleeves, 10-year old Cruz opted for a simple white tee shirt but spruced up his look with a dark wash black denim jacket! Both Romeo and Cruz wore matching white sneakers and looked handsome and charming in their matching looks!

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April 1st, 2015

Jackets for Spring!

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Jacquard-patterned Bomber Jackets

Jacquard-patterned Bomber Jackets

Wondering how you can through by this transitional period without having to alter your whole wardrobe? The answer is as simple as a lovely winter jacket that you can wear for spring and the following summer. You can always pack away your sweaters and long coats once you’re done with winter, but don’t just bid goodbye to your short jackets, yet! Be it a couple of moto jackets, a leather jacket or a simple but sharp-cut blazer, jackets can be the perfect bridge between late-winters and early-spring or summer!

Winter jackets make a wonderful option with just most or all of your summer clothing. You can simply invest in a couple of good dresses and continue to use your winter jacket as layering pieces to brace yourselves from the Spring winds. Alternately, your winter jackets can also make an excellent option if your opt to wear them as somber separates with other summer outfits like denim cut-offs, shorts or skirts. You can even wear your with jacket with the classic and trademark spring outfit – the maxi skirts!

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March 29th, 2015

Floral Bliss: Sophie McShera at The Cinderella Movie Premier!

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Poplin Dress

Poplin Dress

The kind-hearted kitchen maid ‘Daisy’ from the Emmy award-winning period drama Downtown Abbey, Sophie McShera takes a nasty turn and plays the evil step sister ‘Drizella’ in Disney’s Cinderella. The British actress, who shares screen space with her former Downtown Abbey cast-mate Lily James, attended the special movie premier held at the El Capitan Theatre on March 1, 2015, in Hollywood, California.

The 30-year-old brunette beauty who loves crop tops and monochrome outfits looked fresh dressed in a bright floral gown reminiscent of the bright summer days, lush green fields and floral blossoms. Designer Andrew Gn must have been dreaming about English gardens with a subtle touch of Belle Epoque charm as he designed Sophie McShera’s sleeveless gown. This gorgeous number from his Resort 2015 collection looked breath-taking with beautiful pansies and delicate floral appliqués that blossomed all over the full-flared gown!

The Waterloo Road star who usually plays low key with her fashion choices, couldn’t have opted for a better outfit worthy of a big movie premiere. The rare yet sophisticated color palette, fresh blooms, bold patterns and gorgeous silhouette, all work in favour of the gown and ‘Drizella’ finally got her shining moment!

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March 20th, 2015

Retro Comeback!

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Poplin Dress

Poplin Dress

For those of you who love the 50’s fashion, here some good news to brighten up your Monday morning. The retro fashion here and back! Which means the classy silhouettes and trendy curve-flaunting dresses are back in vogue. So, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe for the season with hot styles checkout the polished and figure-flattering styles from Old Navy!

The vintage-inspired trend hopes to strike a classic balance between dresses that are meant to be a one-piece outfit to those that are actually a combination of classic and trendy pieces with just a hint of modernization! If you’re wondering just how you can pull off this style with effortless ease, here’s an example to give you an idea…

A simple but stylish petticoat-inspired dress that has the perfect figure-flattening silhouette and multiple layers of fabric that drapes around your waist will be a perfect example of the ideal retro style dress. But if this style is way too much for you to take in, you can go in for the layered look that is just as fashionable and just as retro as any other style. Pick a nice fit-and-flare dress and team it with a pair of polka-dot stockings or leggings and go with high-heel pumps. To get that retro vibe going, be sure to style your eyes with winged eye make-up and throw on a leather jacket to finish off your style!

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March 9th, 2015